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UX Design & Interactive Prototypes - Digital Initiative
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UX Design & Interactive Prototypes

Design is more than how your product looks

User Experience Design is…

Balanced, inventive & analytical design thinking
Design is more than how your product looks; it’s about meeting your business objectives while giving your users a frictionless, memorable experience. We’ll create something that looks and works great and then analyze key metrics to ensure it’s meeting your goals.


Today everyone can be creative and “design a website”. The things is, a website that’s a business tool is much more than a pretty face. Our approach to web design concentrates on meeting your business objectives while giving your users a fluid, remarkable experience. We’ll design something with a look and feel your audience will love, and performance capable of meeting your goals.


Our IA and UX teams optimize your structure, content, and user-flows to make your product intuitive and easy to use. We also provide solutions to better meet business needs and assure the proper user engagement. We rigorously test many different elements of user experience before your site goes live to ensure it’s functioning properly and without any hang-ups before launch.

UX design is  technical & analytical

There’s a lot of psychology and sociology in UX, understanding the precise business personas to craft a targeted experience. If your website is the home-base for your web presence, UX design is the floor plan, the structure, and the windows and doors. Everything that shapes how visitors experience and engage with your content is defined by the blueprint that is UX design.

Information Architecture

A logical site structure focused on usability and findability will guarantee users can find and engage with your content. We thoroughly examine your brand’s content, what you and have what’s missing to fulfill a solid digital architecture, and filling in the holes before we build your site.

Interactive Prototyping

Interactive prototyping is presenting a website with all of its design elements removed but all the base functionality in place. Like a walkthrough of a house with all of the interior walls whitewashed and the floors covered in paper but the doors open and lights turn on.

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Site prototypes are purpose-built for modularity.

We use prototyping to make it easier to focus on site structure, flow, and functionality. Do the pages in a site connect well? Is it easy to identify the menu and navigate between pages? Do headers and content blocks appear in the right places?

The biggest advantage to site prototyping and good UX design is that they are purpose-built for modularity. We know the site we build for you now won’t be the site you’ll need in 12-18 months; your needs will change. We design a site that tells your story right now, and can be expanded upon with additional development down the road as your business grows and evolves.

Our sites are designed to flexibly expand and allow you to add to the content over time without compromising the user experience, or the structure of the site. By making sure you have a solid foundation and a modular base, relevance and imagination become the only limiting factors.

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